venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

An Exhibition in the Making

I just wanted to write to update everyone on the exhibition I've been working on these past months. The Romanian Culture Institute of Stockholm has welcomed me to curate the group exhibition "Simultaneity-An Infinite Experience" (current working title). It will feature Vision Forum artists Oana Camilleri, Yan Jun and Zhifei Yang.
The exhibition will also be part of a larger cultural event taking place for the first time in Stockholm called 'God Natt Stockholm' on Saturday April 24th.
The exhibition will include "The Places Where I Live," a dual-video projection by Oana Camilleri; "Both One and Two" and "Neither Three nor Four," which are two sound works created by Yan Jun and finally, Zhifei Yang will be on site to dream on her large, over-sized pillow.
I will keep posting updates as the exhibition progresses and takes on more definate details.

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