mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

The Quantum Police in Brussels, Belgium

Valerie Lambert Gallery in Brussels, Belgium hosted the culmination of Quantum Police (QP) events which also took place in Stockholm, Sweden and Wuhan, China. The gallery provided a unique atmosphere for the presentation of both research about this mysterious, yet international group of participants and for the experience of art as it is both part living space and part gallery space.

The upper floor presented research to include the earliest known beginnings and inspiration behind QP--The Quantum Law Manifesto (1969) written by Johnny Ross and Willie Hansen. Viewers were then introduced to a timeline of various details that introduced four known QP enthusiasts; American artist Charlie White, an (anonymous) Swedish woman; Chinese author Wang Xiao Ping and an elderly French gentleman (now deceased) known as Manu. Their histories were illustrated through interviews transcribed on to musical scores that were spread along the walls of this room. Two display cases presented artifacts and memorabilia gathered and shared from these sources especially for the event.

In the downstairs area, artist Per Huttner created a site-specific experience that was as mysterious and anonymous as any true QP action. Walking into what is normally a two-room exhibition space, the viewer could only proceed as far as the first room up to a doorway made from horizontal panes of mirror that were lit up from behind by powerful halogen lamps. Behind this facade of mirror, one could hear a one-sided conversation of a man answering a phone call from a distressed individual. The sound of this conversation could also be heard outside on street level.

Also during the evening, Belgian sound artist Patrick Thinsy performed a unique sound scape created from a recorded interview with the Swedish woman. Outside, novels roasted on a grill ( a signature trademark of QP) providing fuel to cook sausages for the visitors.

Where will The Quantum Police appear next? The answer remains yet to be announced.

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