mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

A Simultaneous Situation

Above is text from one section of an installation on display in the Arsenale in Venice--unfortunately as I write this I realize I don't have the name of the artist (Falke Pisano perhaps...). I share it here as an example of the simultaneous "situations" I'm collecting and trying to implement in a public realm. It is also a source of inspiration and a novel example of the simultaneous instance of how the viewer not only experiences an art work but also becomes an object related to the work.

martedì 20 ottobre 2009

11:11 Archive Experiment

I've created a blog to begin collecting individual accounts of 11:11. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment to build the archive! Visit:

If you want to continue to write on the blog to document your experiences, please e-mail me ( so I can add you as an author.

During the next couple of weeks this experiment will take place in Shenzhen and Bejing through the Invisible Generation events taking place in these cities.

venerdì 2 ottobre 2009


Often times when I look at the clock, whether on purpose or at random--the time reads 11:11. It is a strange phenomena, one that has reoccurred steadily for several years of my life. But what is intriguing to me is that it is a visual image of simultaneity. Why these numbers are significant is an honest mystery, could it simply be due to my remembrance of the sequence of numbers versus other times? Or is there a dimension of it that is spiritual and symbolic?

No matter what the possibility is, I started keeping an archive of what I'm doing during the chance encounters with this particular time because of my project with simultaneity. I share them here with you now and I'm curious to know if any of you have experienced these moments and would maybe want to join me in archiving when and what you are doing during the 60 seconds (x2) 11:11 exists in reality.

Friday, September 18: Unplugging my cell phone from its charger
Sunday, September 20: I finished watching Vicky, Christina Barcelona (11:11 p.m.)
Tuesday, September 22: Turning on the computer to write a friend an email
Thursday, September 24: Having coffee with a friend and I looked at my phone

Saturday, September 26: Getting a ride home from a relative after a party, the clock glowing in the dashboard reads 11:11 (p.m.)
Friday, October 02, 2009: Making the bed

(These were all random encounters with seeing 11:11)