venerdì 27 marzo 2009


In the article 'Art and Objecthood' by Michael Fried, the notion of simultaneity appears not once but three times through the course of his arguement against the theatrics of art. Choosing to focus only on these sections where Fried inserts the word which is the topic of this post, I became interested in disecting how the critic uses the term. An interesting tangent emerges, about how one experiences art which also relates to time. Simultaneity, as Fried describes it, comes into play as the viewer involved in the "experience" of (art) becomes an object within the situation (an exhibition for example).
I'm attempting to extract and simplify a rather complicated text, but I find it interesting that Fried's focus on "experience" also relates to a very contemporary description of how one see's a trip to a museum or art-related event. And the experience market is having an affect on the art world for both curators and artists alike. I'm just skimming the surface of my thoughts addressed above, but it could be a possible course of investigation through this Vision Forum process. Furthermore, what are some of the ways one could exhibit experiences of simultaneity through contemporary mediums?

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